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06 10th, 2008

With the discovery and exportation of cocaine almost three hundred years ago in Peru by an Italian (Peruvian natives already knew about the drug), its uses have drastically changed. At first it was used as a medical drug to whiten teeth, overcome sleepiness and it was even used in wines. As it was originally thought, cocaine makes the person more euphoric, full of energy, capable of doing things that in his or her normal state would not be able to do. So, if at the end cocaine usage tens to lead to these high levels of energy and feeling power, what is wrong with it? In what way this euphoric drug can affect negatively one’s health?

Because cocaine is a kind of an upper drug, the heart rate will definitely increase in the first minutes of its consumption. In the initial stages of usage, cocaine affects the cardiac, respiratory and brain system that can lead to a heart attack, even for first time users. Just with one “puff”, hear attack occurrence goes up twenty four percent. With the frequent cocaine utilization, the individual can feel itchiness and tachycardia, and in the worst cases paranoia and hallucinations. And of course, with the continuous usage and increasing amounts of ingestion, multiple and more serious long-term effects will occur, which will lead to death. In the end, cocaine is simply a drug not to mess with or be related in any way.

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