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Staying sober

Author: Suki
04 1st, 2008

Anxiety disorder is a devastating disease. To live with chronic anxiety is to be forever haunted by an aimless and unrelenting sense of dread, one that’s there when you wake up in the morning and when you go to bed at night and at most moments in between. Under those circumstances, it’s not surprising that so many anxiety disorder sufferers turn to drug and alcohol abuse as a means of self-medication. And given that connection, it should go without saying that meaningful addiction recovery must address anxiety disorder wherever it exists.

An addict suffering from anxiety cannot expect to stay sober over the long run without first achieving substantive psychological healing. The best rehab centers, in turn, are those which employ dual diagnosis techniques to address both the physical and emotional needs of their patients. Successful rehabilitation programs are always holistic in scope. With so much to lose, and so much more to win, it’s well past time you learned that lesson for yourself.

The right addiction treatment center may just save your life. That may sound like a cliché, but it’s the truth. Addiction is a disease, not a choice. Addicts don’t “decide” to be addicts. By the same token, they can’t simply “decide” to get better. Victims of drug and alcohol addiction don’t get better outside of addiction treatment centers. They just don’t. Addiction is too ferocious a foe to beat without help. The good news is that rehab treatment can make a world of difference…provided you give it a chance. Remember, even the most elegant luxury addiction treatment center in Malibu can’t help a patient who won’t walk through the front door. It’s up to you, in the end, to take the first step.

Make no mistake, drug and alcohol rehab isn’t easy. If you’re going to get better in an addiction treatment center, it’s going to be because you commit yourself to your rehab program, and resolve to win the long-term fight against substance abuse. But no effort you make will ever be more worthwhile. Again, rehabilitation done right will quite literally save your life. Don’t wait another day to start finding that out for yourself.

08 16th, 2007

I’ve been to one of the drug rehab centers in my town. I had only gone to visit my brother, but the time I was there showed me how well they were doing at rehabilitating people. They rehabilitated my brother. You could tell me that if you fell into the throes of a drug addiction that you wouldn’t go to one of those drug rehab centers, but I know for a fact that trying to go cold turkey is completely out of the question. Drug rehab centers have been responsible for helping people get back on track and save their lives. Anyone who has ever been to one can tell you what’s up. Having an addiction is a bitch and if you need help you need to get real help. That real help comes in the form of drug rehab centers. These are the only places or options for an addict and they are exactly what an addict needs. My brother got the help that he needed just like all of the countless others that have gone to drug rehab centers to get sober. If you know someone who is suffering from addiction or if you yourself are, call one of the nearest drug rehab centers and get help now.

Cocaine Rehab

Author: admin
03 29th, 2007

Cocaine rehab can be a hard pill to swallow. Some people find rehabilitating themselves from cocaine use can be much more difficult than anticipated.

Usually attempts at cocaine rehab fail due to the overwhelming depression that ensues from withdrawal. Withdrawal is one of the usual hurdles that anyone seeking cocaine rehab, or any kind of drug rehab can expect to face and it is usually one of the reasons that rehabilitation fails. Withdrawal not only brings on psychological problems like hallucinations and tremors, but it can also create physiological problems like fever and sickness as well.

Another reason that cocaine rehab can have little success is because of an addict’s memory of his/her experiences on the drug. For example, scientists have created technology that allows them to monitor brain wave patterns in humans. With this technology they are able to pinpoint areas in an addict’s brain that react to the “rush” or “high” they experience from being on cocaine or the stress from craving it. They can also study the parts of the brain that react to environmental stimuli, as well. Many cocaine rehab specialists agree that one of the greatest obstacles in rehabilitation is the memory of euphoria coke users remember from using the drug. It is this that triggers relapse more than any thing else.