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Having a prescription drug addiction is no laughing matter. Before I was addicted I used to laugh all the time. It was weird how it went down. First, I’m getting pain killers for an injury that I sustained on my back and the next thing you know those little yellows and blues were my entire existence. It was truly insane. Imagine being prescribed something for the pain that you’re feeling and then the next thing you know, you wake up with a prescription drug addiction. It’s crazy. I never thought that I would have ended up the way I did. Oh, well, you can either cry over spilled milk or you could clean up the mess and get back to life. That’s what I did. I immediately made a call to a drug treatment center when I realized there was a problem and made a concerted effort to get well. It took a while to get back on track, but the folks at the drug treatment center were more than proficient at handling a prescription drug addiction. Drug treatment helped me make it happen and now I’m back to the man I was. A prescription drug addiction definitely is no laughing matter, but now that I’m better I’m laughing all the time. I love it.