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A painkiller addiction would be great if it really took away the pain. Okay, maybe it wouldn’t be cool, but definitely doesn’t take away the pain. That’s how it goes. My buddy had a painkiller addiction and it almost ruined his life. He was on some painkillers because of an accident that he was in and he was in a great deal of pain. It sucked. He was always such a strong dude who could get through anything and seeing him like that was just really hard to watch. I was glad that he was given something for the pain because I hated seeing him like that. When the painkiller addiction started I felt really awful. I knew that my friend had needed his pills so much that it got him hooked. When he finally told me I pretended that I didn’t know and I helped him get help right away. He went to drug rehab and eventually he got much better. Thanks drug rehab. You saved someone that was really close to me and you helped them get their life back to normal. That’s what I’m talking about!