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08 14th, 2007

Gimme a break. Gambling is no joke. I mean it can be a joke or some gag that you experience in Vegas. I mean it isn’t necessarily the thing you expect to get hooked on. I never saw it coming for my brother. It ended up being a huge problem for him and his wife and we all watched it get worse and worse. No one could get through to him before it became really bad, it was as bad as any drug addiction. That’s just how it went down and we knew that something should have been done. It sucked not knowing what to do and that’s why I’m talking to you now. That’s right, I’m talking to you. If you know a person with a gambling addiction then you know that they need help as soon as you can get it to them. They’re probably dying inside due to all of the gambling that they’re doing with their lives and they need you. So stop the bullshit. If you know that you can help someone, why would you not do something? That’s not the business. If you can save a life just by saying something why aren’t you talking. A gambling addiction can destroy a life and I know that. Don’t lose your loved one to this disease. Drug and Alcohol rehab centers also treat gambling addiction, porn addiction and eating disorders. The treatment programs know how to address addiction, and any addiction needs be treated.

08 3rd, 2007

A gambling problem is no different than a drug problem, really. Addiction is addiction, after all…and whether it’s to booze or betting the point remains the same: You need. Drug addicts need drugs. Gambling addicts need to gamble. And the only way anyone from either group is going to get better is by enrolling in a competent addiction treatment program.

Gambling addiction isn’t easy to beat. If it were, there wouldn’t be so many gambling addicts. The nature of gambling addiction is such that it almost literally infects its victims, and leaves them incapable of being in and of the world without succumbing to the urge to bet. Again, gambling addiction is all about need. And you can’t stop needing until you change yourself.

Gambling treatment that works is that which helps gambling addicts change from the inside out. In the end, anything less just isn’t good enough. If you or someone you care about has a gambling problem, you already know the status quo isn’t acceptable. Now you know what you can do to change it. Please, don’t wait. Addiction treatment is too important to put off until tomorrow.