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All drug rehabs make bold promises to their clients. But only some of them deliver. As you explore your drug rehabilitation options, it’s important that you not be swayed by fancy advertising brochures. In the end, the real value of a drug rehab center is measured by its success or failure in helping residents achieve meaningful and lasting healing. Apart from that, all the promises in the all world only amount to so much empty bluster.

The good news is that drug rehab done right will change your life. The catch, of course, is that you have to be wise enough to find a drug rehab center that can meet each and every one of your individual needs. For your own sake, for the sake of the people who care about you, let that principle guide you in the decision-making process. The best drug rehabs are those which recognize the fundamental uniqueness of their residents. Under the circumstances, you can’t afford to wait another day to learn that lesson on your own terms.

05 28th, 2008

Drug and alcohol rehab centers always have several balancing acts to achieve while assisting drug abuse clients to find sobriety. One is between dealing with the past, present and future. Helping people dealing with the realm of the past is primarily a counseling issue. Moving past our histories and old behaviors many times is best handled by competent and caring counselors. Even in a a luxury residential drug abuse treatment center it is not possible to be all things to all people. It seems that some drug abuse treatment centers are trying this, but how can this make sense? What I am talking about are drug abuse treatment programs that profess to be both 12 step and cognitive based at the same time. How can this be?

If you follow the 12 steps you must at some point come to accept that you are powerless over drugs and alcohol. You then are to turn it over to a higher power, what ever you believe that to be. This may seem like an over simplification, but these are part of the foundation of 12 step.

Drug addicts don’t get better outside of private drug rehab centers. They just don’t. Drug addiction isn’t a choice. No one ever decides to be an addict. By the same token, no addict can ever simply decide to get sober. If you’re going to get healed, it’s going to be because you get the help you need from a drug rehab center you can trust. The truth? Drug rehabs change lives. Given the stakes, it’s well past time you found that out for yourself.

If you’ve made it this far, you probably already know that there are a great many drug rehab centers in Los Angeles. But they aren’t all the same. Some California drug rehabs can deliver on their promises. Some can’t. Only by learning to distinguish the former from the latter can you expect to make an informed drug treatment decision. In the end, nothing you do could ever be more important.

09 20th, 2007

Drug and alcohol rehabs are beginning to show up in all kinds of places. Why? I guess it’s because people with drug addictions are starting to surface in more places than most people thought possible. It happens. Drug addictions aren’t really the coolest thing to put your town on the map with, but the fact that they generate awareness about drug abuse and the right way to treat it is phenomenal. What better way to learn that drug addictions are real than to have them pop up in your own neck of the woods? Drug abuse and severe drug addictions are never going to go away. Alcoholism is a monster that has a good way of hiding, but it will always be around, too. Pretending that they will never come close to your stomping grounds may actually be the best way for them to thrive. Where I’m from, people have always tried to act like drug addiction and alcoholism were things that happened in other parts of the world. It wasn’t until people started coming up with the severest of addictions that the community started getting a clue. It was good in one way and bad in the other. I mean, it sucked that people were getting hooked on drugs, but it was great that to find a drug and alcohol rehab in any area is becoming so much easier. Drug and alcohol rehabs should be everywhere because drug addictions and alcoholism will never stop seeking out new places to go and new people to attack. You know I’m right.