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All drug rehabs make bold promises to their clients. But only some of them deliver. As you explore your drug rehabilitation options, it’s important that you not be swayed by fancy advertising brochures. In the end, the real value of a drug rehab center is measured by its success or failure in helping residents achieve meaningful and lasting healing. Apart from that, all the promises in the all world only amount to so much empty bluster.

The good news is that drug rehab done right will change your life. The catch, of course, is that you have to be wise enough to find a drug rehab center that can meet each and every one of your individual needs. For your own sake, for the sake of the people who care about you, let that principle guide you in the decision-making process. The best drug rehabs are those which recognize the fundamental uniqueness of their residents. Under the circumstances, you can’t afford to wait another day to learn that lesson on your own terms.

05 28th, 2008

Drug and alcohol rehab centers always have several balancing acts to achieve while assisting drug abuse clients to find sobriety. One is between dealing with the past, present and future. Helping people dealing with the realm of the past is primarily a counseling issue. Moving past our histories and old behaviors many times is best handled by competent and caring counselors. Even in a a luxury residential drug abuse treatment center it is not possible to be all things to all people. It seems that some drug abuse treatment centers are trying this, but how can this make sense? What I am talking about are drug abuse treatment programs that profess to be both 12 step and cognitive based at the same time. How can this be?

If you follow the 12 steps you must at some point come to accept that you are powerless over drugs and alcohol. You then are to turn it over to a higher power, what ever you believe that to be. This may seem like an over simplification, but these are part of the foundation of 12 step.

The drug rehab center that’s right for you is the one that caters to your unique individual needs. Drug abuse is a profoundly personal problem. Drug rehab can only succeed on intimate terms. In choosing a drug rehab center, it’s vital that you find a place that can help you get sober on your own terms. In the end, there’s no other way for a drug rehab program to be successful.

The good news is that there are plenty of private drug rehab centers in Los Angeles. The bad news is that they aren’t all equally capable of helping their patients. Before you make a drug rehabilitation decision, it’s vital that you research your options, and understand your needs. Choosing a drug rehab center is the most important thing you’ll ever do. You can’t afford to go into the search process with anything less than open eyes and a broad knowledge base.

03 11th, 2008

Drug rehabs provide rehabilitation services for drug addiction, alcoholism, and co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders (dual diagnosis). Luxury residential treatment facilities provide comprehensive drug rehabilitation, alcohol rehabilitation and dual diagnosis treatment professionals and resources, tools to overcome addiction and recovery. The purpose is to help addicts recover from substance abuse and mental health disorders, support families about dual diagnosis, alcohol and drug addiction, and help those who suffer from substance abuse and co-occurring disorders with the best drug treatment for their needs. The search for drug treatment can be confusing , and its important to locate the right drug rehab center.

Drug addicts don’t get better outside of private drug rehab centers. They just don’t. Drug addiction isn’t a choice. No one ever decides to be an addict. By the same token, no addict can ever simply decide to get sober. If you’re going to get healed, it’s going to be because you get the help you need from a drug rehab center you can trust. The truth? Drug rehabs change lives. Given the stakes, it’s well past time you found that out for yourself.

If you’ve made it this far, you probably already know that there are a great many drug rehab centers in Los Angeles. But they aren’t all the same. Some California drug rehabs can deliver on their promises. Some can’t. Only by learning to distinguish the former from the latter can you expect to make an informed drug treatment decision. In the end, nothing you do could ever be more important.

Okay, so you’re at a drug rehab center. What do you do? Do you panic and curl up in a corner? What do you do? Well, when I went to one, I basically accepted my fate and tried as hard as a could to succeed at the program. That’s right. I knew that the only sure fire way for me to get out and live a real life was to finish the program at the drug rehab center and really make a concerted effort. It didn’t make sense to be there if I wasn’t going to give it my all. So that’s what I did. I listened hard in group therapy, and was really open-minded about my one-on-one sessions, too. There was no reason for me to be there if I wasn’t going to be there to make a serious change in my life and lifestyle. It was cool because I actually had a great learning experience in the time that I was there and i also learned how impotant it is to follow your dream, no matter what. I learned things about myself and about the world that I could have never gotten anywhere else, and for that I will be forever grateful. When I was in a drug rehab center, I used it to my advantage and I learned the most that I could. The drug rehab center I went to did a job for me and if you’re having a problem with drug addiction and/or drug abuse, make a call that you wil never regret.

The real deal

Author: Suki
09 21st, 2007

You know what sucks? People continuously talk smack about drug rehabilitation centers and the people who end up having to go to them, but, I’ll tell you something, they don’t know jack crap. For real. The real deal is that drug rehabilitation centers, especially California drug rehab centers offer a service that most people, whether family or friends, can’t offer. They make it possible for some people to achieve the semi-impossible. Oh yeah. Drug rehabilitation centers make it possible for people who are in true need of drug rehab to actually get a hold on the things that are causing trouble in their lives and make a huge life change. That what you should want to do, anyway. Drug addiction is the worst. I know because I, too, was in the very same predicament long ago. Oh yeah, and I don’t need you or anyone else to tell me how bad that little chapeter in my life was. If you’re hooked on drugs or know someone that is, then, you probably already know what I’m saying. It is definitely not the glamorous life. The bottom line is if you need the help that drug rehabilitation centers offer, then go and get it. Stop torturing yourself and do what you’ve got to do. You will never feel better in your life. Trust me.


In a perfect world, someone would discover a magic-bullet drug treatment program, a rehab plan that worked for every addict and guaranteed instant success to anyone who submitted herself to it. Unfortunately, this is hardly a perfect world. And anyone who claims to have discovered a magic-bullet drug treatment program is either lying or delusional.

The plain fact of the matter is that there are no shortcuts in the drug rehab process. There’s no philosophy or methodology that can make drug treatment any easier, no rehabilitation center in the world that can prevent addicts from having to struggle a little on the road to sobriety. So it goes. Whether anyone wants to hear it or not, the truth is that drug rehabilitation is invariably a personal process, one whose success or failure ultimately depends upon the efforts of individual patients. If you’re going to get better in a drug rehab center, in other words, you’re going to have to work for it.


What all that means, in a practical sense, is that the drug treatment program that’s right for you is the one that can help you develop the skills you’ll need to help yourself. Again, the fight against addiction is one you must ultimately win or lose on your own. The best a drug rehab center can do is be there for you as ally at ever step of the way.

Addiction treatment is no less complex and nuanced than addiction itself. No two addicts are ever alike, after all, and no two addiction treatment programs can ever treat them as such…not if addiction recovery is going to be a real and meaningful thing, anyway. The addiction treatment process is different for every addiction victim, different in a way that speaks to the fundamentally unique needs of fundamentally unique individuals. You are your own person, you don’t need anyone to tell you that much. Drug rehab and drug treatment can’t work for you if they fail to recognize as much. If you’re going to get better, simply stated, it has to be on your own terms.

The practical implication here is that the drug rehab center that’s “right” for you is the one that takes special care to serve your individual needs. Drug rehabilitation can’t be a one-size-fits all proposition, that’s just not the way healing works. Successful addiction treatment is, invariably, that which occurs on the most intimate possible level. For your own sake, make today the day you start taking that lesson to heart.

09 4th, 2007

Drug rehab is about rebirth more than anything else. When addicts check into drug rehab centers, they’re stepping out of one world and into a new one…and embracing with it the hope and promise of everything tomorrow brings. To be an addict is to lose touch with all but your Need to use drugs: to lose every trace of who you’ve ever been or wanted to be. The right drug rehab program can change that…provided you have the courage to seek the help you need to get better.

Remember, drug treatment and drug rehabilitation can only start with a first step. For all the acumen and expertise, drug rehab centers can’t help patients who don’t want to be helped…which means your drug rehab destiny is very much in your own hands. If you want to get better, you will. If you don’t, you won’t. It’s a simple equation, in the end…and one that will literally change the way you live. For you own sake, find the strength to make the right choice. You’ve spent enough time dying. It’s time to be born again.