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10 17th, 2007

This is not the easiest thing in the world for me, writing about my alcoholism. I was a professional athlete for many, many years. I was always the center of attention, surrounded by people who only knew how to say one thing ”,yes.” Coaches, friends, teachers, women… even the law. My ability to put a ball in a basket got me a lot of attention and on more than one occasion got me out of trouble with the police. All the while I partied, a lot. I started drinking in high-school, using drugs in college and once I got to the pro’s I really turned it up a notch. But nothing ever seemed to be wrong. I made a ton of money and people would always cover for me. I never thought I was an alcoholic. Literally, the day after I retired, I was sitting home alone. I poured myself a drink, and started crying. I had no idea what to do with myself. I kept drinking, and drinking… for 30 straight days. It was during that time, with no one else around, no one to cover for me, no one to answer to, that I realized I had a problem. I’m not saying I enjoyed myself during that 30 days, it was miserable. But now, after 6 months sober, I am glad I went through it. It is something I learned at alcohol rehab, that I had to go through that time to get here. Wow, I guess that wasn’t that hard.

Avoiding relapse

Author: Suki
09 18th, 2007

Yeah, I guess nobody really wants to go to alcohol treatment, but if you need it you might as well go. People all over the world have been afflicted by alcoholism and I’m sure they can tell you that it’s no joke. It’s not. Being an alcoholic can really screw up your life and practically leave you for dead. It’s definitely something that a person needs to take seriously. That’s why if you are an alcoholic you need to find yourself some alcohol treatment as soon as possible. Don’t try that cold turkey crap! Why? Because it usually doesn’t work. If you want to truly get rid of that little alcohol problem in your life you need to dive into alcohol treatment. That means that you’re really taking it seriously. Alcohol treatment can give a person a new outlook on life and provide them with the skills to keep things as positive as they wish them to be. A stint at alcohol rehab can also teach an alcoholic why they became addicted to alcohol and teach how to avoid relapse. I know what I’m talking about. If it weren’t for alcohol treatment I would have lost my wife and kids years ago. Instead of taking that route I went to alcohol treatment and it was the best thing that I could have ever done for me and my family.

Providing support

Author: Suki
08 29th, 2007

Exclusive alcohol rehabs are, as you might expect, more successful that regular alcohol rehabs in helping patients achieve lasting sobriety. It’s no mystery, of course. Alcohol rehabilitation is hard, and luxury alcohol rehab programs provide alcoholics with the physical and psychological support they need to get better for good. No one beats alcoholism alone. More to the point, alcohol rehab doesn’t work if it isn’t done right. If you’re going to get better, it’s going to be in a private alcohol treatment center. Anything less, in the end, couldn’t ever be good enough.


Remember, alcohol rehabs can only help those alcohol rehab patients who seek them out. Addiction treatment and addiction recovery are ultimately patient-driven undertakings. Before you can get better, you have to find the courage to seek the help you need. For your own sake, for the sake of the people who care about you…don’t wait another day to start doing what you must.

08 13th, 2007

An intervention is kind of like a surprise party that really isn’t a party, but it is a surprise. It’s simple really. It’s called an intervention because you’re intervening in a person’s regular routine of drug use and drug abuse by setting up a surprise pow-wow of their closest friends and family. When the drug addict or alcoholic walks into the room, the trap is sprung and they are not aloud to leave. They are then sat down and everybody gets a chance to regale the addict or alcoholic with their rendition of how the addiction is affecting the family and them as individuals. It is a strange way to get through to a person, but it can be effective at times. The party is usually led by a mediator of some kind. Many times it’s a counselor who has dealt with the problems before. Oh yeah, I almost forgot the most important part. The family members and friends get to give the addict or alcoholic an ultimatum that states what action they are willing to take should the addict or alcoholic not seek help for their sickness. It seems archaic, but the fact of the matter is that it worked for me. It has worked for thousands of people and it could work for someone you know. Don’t be afraid to try.