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06 10th, 2008

With the discovery and exportation of cocaine almost three hundred years ago in Peru by an Italian (Peruvian natives already knew about the drug), its uses have drastically changed. At first it was used as a medical drug to whiten teeth, overcome sleepiness and it was even used in wines. As it was originally thought, cocaine makes the person more euphoric, full of energy, capable of doing things that in his or her normal state would not be able to do. So, if at the end cocaine usage tens to lead to these high levels of energy and feeling power, what is wrong with it? In what way this euphoric drug can affect negatively one’s health?

Because cocaine is a kind of an upper drug, the heart rate will definitely increase in the first minutes of its consumption. In the initial stages of usage, cocaine affects the cardiac, respiratory and brain system that can lead to a heart attack, even for first time users. Just with one “puff”, hear attack occurrence goes up twenty four percent. With the frequent cocaine utilization, the individual can feel itchiness and tachycardia, and in the worst cases paranoia and hallucinations. And of course, with the continuous usage and increasing amounts of ingestion, multiple and more serious long-term effects will occur, which will lead to death. In the end, cocaine is simply a drug not to mess with or be related in any way.

Staying sober

Author: Suki
04 1st, 2008

Anxiety disorder is a devastating disease. To live with chronic anxiety is to be forever haunted by an aimless and unrelenting sense of dread, one that’s there when you wake up in the morning and when you go to bed at night and at most moments in between. Under those circumstances, it’s not surprising that so many anxiety disorder sufferers turn to drug and alcohol abuse as a means of self-medication. And given that connection, it should go without saying that meaningful addiction recovery must address anxiety disorder wherever it exists.

An addict suffering from anxiety cannot expect to stay sober over the long run without first achieving substantive psychological healing. The best rehab centers, in turn, are those which employ dual diagnosis techniques to address both the physical and emotional needs of their patients. Successful rehabilitation programs are always holistic in scope. With so much to lose, and so much more to win, it’s well past time you learned that lesson for yourself.

Drug addicts don’t get better outside of private drug rehab centers. They just don’t. Drug addiction isn’t a choice. No one ever decides to be an addict. By the same token, no addict can ever simply decide to get sober. If you’re going to get healed, it’s going to be because you get the help you need from a drug rehab center you can trust. The truth? Drug rehabs change lives. Given the stakes, it’s well past time you found that out for yourself.

If you’ve made it this far, you probably already know that there are a great many drug rehab centers in Los Angeles. But they aren’t all the same. Some California drug rehabs can deliver on their promises. Some can’t. Only by learning to distinguish the former from the latter can you expect to make an informed drug treatment decision. In the end, nothing you do could ever be more important.

Avoiding relapse

Author: Suki
09 18th, 2007

Yeah, I guess nobody really wants to go to alcohol treatment, but if you need it you might as well go. People all over the world have been afflicted by alcoholism and I’m sure they can tell you that it’s no joke. It’s not. Being an alcoholic can really screw up your life and practically leave you for dead. It’s definitely something that a person needs to take seriously. That’s why if you are an alcoholic you need to find yourself some alcohol treatment as soon as possible. Don’t try that cold turkey crap! Why? Because it usually doesn’t work. If you want to truly get rid of that little alcohol problem in your life you need to dive into alcohol treatment. That means that you’re really taking it seriously. Alcohol treatment can give a person a new outlook on life and provide them with the skills to keep things as positive as they wish them to be. A stint at alcohol rehab can also teach an alcoholic why they became addicted to alcohol and teach how to avoid relapse. I know what I’m talking about. If it weren’t for alcohol treatment I would have lost my wife and kids years ago. Instead of taking that route I went to alcohol treatment and it was the best thing that I could have ever done for me and my family.


Author: Suki
09 6th, 2007

When you’re a recovered addict, people come to you as if you were some kind of expert on drug rehabilitation centers…as if having been through drug rehab once makes you uniquely qualified to comment on every nuance of the drug treatment process.

Not quite. Not for me, anyway.

Sure, I’ve been through drug rehab, but all I can you tell about drug rehabilitation centers is that they don’t work miracles. My drug rehab program worked because I made it work, I’m sure of that much: because I got involved with my own healing, and made a commitment to win the fight.

Some drug rehabilitation centers run advertisements “guaranteeing” the success of their addiction treatment plans. Don’t buy it. I may not know everything about rehab, but I know enough to tell you that you’re the only one who can shape your own destiny. Anyone who says otherwise just doesn’t get it.

Maybe you think you’re past saving. Maybe you think you’re a hopeless addict, a junkie whose Need is too great to ever possibly be overcome. Maybe you think there’s no way a drug rehab program could ever get you sober, and no way a drug treatment center could ever you turn you into anything but a loser.

And maybe, just maybe, you’re flat wrong.

Every addict believes herself to be hopeless, that’s just the way addiction works. The truth, though, is that drug rehabilitation can work for anyone. No matter how deep a hole you’ve drug for yourself, the right drug treatment plan can help you claw your way to daylight. It won’t be easy of course…because no drug rehab program is ever easy. But it’ll be worth it…so worth it words can’t even begin to express the truth. The right drug rehab program will save your life. If you or or someone you care about is a victim of addiction, you shouldn’t need to hear more than that.

08 13th, 2007

An intervention is kind of like a surprise party that really isn’t a party, but it is a surprise. It’s simple really. It’s called an intervention because you’re intervening in a person’s regular routine of drug use and drug abuse by setting up a surprise pow-wow of their closest friends and family. When the drug addict or alcoholic walks into the room, the trap is sprung and they are not aloud to leave. They are then sat down and everybody gets a chance to regale the addict or alcoholic with their rendition of how the addiction is affecting the family and them as individuals. It is a strange way to get through to a person, but it can be effective at times. The party is usually led by a mediator of some kind. Many times it’s a counselor who has dealt with the problems before. Oh yeah, I almost forgot the most important part. The family members and friends get to give the addict or alcoholic an ultimatum that states what action they are willing to take should the addict or alcoholic not seek help for their sickness. It seems archaic, but the fact of the matter is that it worked for me. It has worked for thousands of people and it could work for someone you know. Don’t be afraid to try.

08 3rd, 2007

A gambling problem is no different than a drug problem, really. Addiction is addiction, after all…and whether it’s to booze or betting the point remains the same: You need. Drug addicts need drugs. Gambling addicts need to gamble. And the only way anyone from either group is going to get better is by enrolling in a competent addiction treatment program.

Gambling addiction isn’t easy to beat. If it were, there wouldn’t be so many gambling addicts. The nature of gambling addiction is such that it almost literally infects its victims, and leaves them incapable of being in and of the world without succumbing to the urge to bet. Again, gambling addiction is all about need. And you can’t stop needing until you change yourself.

Gambling treatment that works is that which helps gambling addicts change from the inside out. In the end, anything less just isn’t good enough. If you or someone you care about has a gambling problem, you already know the status quo isn’t acceptable. Now you know what you can do to change it. Please, don’t wait. Addiction treatment is too important to put off until tomorrow.



07 25th, 2007

If you’re going to go to drug rehab then you should do drug treatment Los Angeles style. Los Angeles is definitely the mecca for many things. It attracts hot broads, hot cars, actors, and of course drugs and drug addicts. When I came to L.A. I kind of understood that things were like that, but it never stopped me from getting hooked on drugs and drinking. I never wanted to be the guy I became and I definitely intended on doing bigger and things when I got here. But that’s how life is. You can never be too sure what’s going to happen, it just does. And when bad shit happens in your life you have to man up and just deal with it. That’s why when things started getting bad I realized that I needed to get into the best drug rehab center in Los Angeles had to offer so I made a call. Sometimes doing the right thing can be the hardest thing to do in this life. The cool thing is that when you finally do the right thing it can be the best thing you’ve ever done.